Celebration Waffles {kitchen tip}

Have a birthday coming up?  Want to celebrate your child's grades, recital or other big accomplishment.  Hot summer blahs or cold cabin fever got you down?

Add some sprinkles to your breakfast!  Phee and I have found this trick to be a lot of fun.  She squeals about the "colors" as she eats her waffles on these special mornings.

Make up your waffle or pancake batter as usual, omitting, or at least cutting back on the sugar.  Add sprinkles.  When you think you've added enough, add a few more for good measure.  Mix the batter well and let it sit for five minutes.  Mix it again and then cook your pancakes or waffles as usual.\

If you really want to do it up, add some whipped cream, fruit and a few more sprinkles on top!  I'll be having some for my birthday this morning!

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