Menu Plan Monday {11.12.12}

It's hopefully shaping up to be a quiet week around here.  We've planned some easy dinners so we don't have a bunch of leftovers piling up.  At the end of this week and then into next week we'll be cleaning out the fridge and freezer to get ready for all the Thanksgiving dishes we love.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, later this week I'll have a post with our favorite Thanksgiving dishes.  They're all very simple, but big on taste.  A big Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite meal to cook all year and I look forward to it all month in November.  Lucky me, I usually get to do it all over again at Christmas!

Meals for the week of November 12
Breakfast scramble (eggs, potatoes, veggies, sausage)
Chicken and rice casserole (similar to a favorite dish that my mom makes)
Enchiladas from the freezer
Soup from the freezer

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