Little Leprechaun (with printable)

Phee has a cute little St. Patrick's Day book, Jack And The Leprechaun, and we've been reading it nearly every day for a week.  In it, a little mouse is visiting his Irish cousins for St. Patrick's Day and he learns about leprechauns.  Phee thinks the leprechaun is hilarious, and we've been pretending that she is a leprechaun running through the house for us to catch.  She holds her wand in one hand like a shillelagh and in the other she has all her gold doubloons in a teeny black pot.  It's a riot.

I put together this printable template so that Phee could make her own little leprechaun.  It turned out to be absolutely adorable.  He's now gracing the inside of our front door and I love seeing him whenever we leave.

We added a body, shillelagh, and pot of gold to complete our picture. Print out the PDF template, cut out the shapes, and then let your kid's imagination run!

  • template
  • googly eyes
  • adhesive or glue
  • assorted construction paper, card stock, or scrapbook paper
  • any extra embellishments you like

  1. Print out the template and then cut out the shapes.
  2. Using adhesive or glue, let your kids assemble their leprechaun face on a sheet of card stock or construction paper.
  3. Add whatever embellishments seem like fun!  This could be completing the picture by drawing a body or drawing the leprechaun into a picture.  Or, you could add a body, shillelagh, rainbow, pot of gold, or shamrocks.  Get creative!
  4. Hang up your leprechaun masterpiece to decorate for St. Patrick's Day!
Do you do any sort of leprechaun pranks for your kids on St. Patrick's Day?  I'm thinking about leaving some little green footprints around for Phee to find that morning.  

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