Lunchtime pedicure

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It's summer and that means cute sandals and cute flip flops. It should also mean bright, fun nail polish colors, but I can't ever seem to find the time to go get a manicure or pedicure. Actually, I've pretty much given up on manicures. I type all day in an office and can't stand to do it with really long nails, plus I'm not particularly careful. I love painting my toes, though. Especially since this is Texas and you can see my toes for about 10 months out of the year.

Really, though, who has time or energy to do their nails at night?! After I've chased Phee around for a few hours, done bath, bedtime, cleaning up and whatever else I need to do, chances are I'm too tired to stay up long enough to let nail polish thoroughly dry on my toes. And I hate taking the time to do my nails only to see them smudged and crazy in the morning.

I came up with an ingenious solution: lunchtime pedicures.

No time for a salon pedicure? Paint your toes on your lunch break! #beauty #diy #nailpolish - www.lifeinrandombits.com

I've already got the routine down for soft summer feet. Now I've finally found the time to paint my nails, too! I bought some nail polish remover pads that aren't too stinky and I keep them in my desk drawer. I just bring my nail polish with me to work and do it all at lunch time.

Obviously, this really only works well if you can wear sandals or flip flops at work. And in the summer, unless you live in Texas and wear flip flops year round. It's especially perfect if you have your own office. No office? Hide out in a friend's office, the bathroom, or just go outside. 

I've found this to be a great trick because I'm generally not crawling around on the floor at work. Or chasing anyone, being climbed on, or curling up on a couch. My toenails have plenty of time to dry and I still get to use all my fun bright nail polish!

What beauty shortcuts do you have? I'm always looking for help in this department!

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