Birthday surprise!

So much fun with an old friend in town!

Old Crow Medicine Show at Nutty Brown Cafe in Austin - www.lifeinrandombits.com

 Monopoly, wine, cheese all make for a great night - www.lifeinrandombits.com

Barton Springs is so gorgeous and refreshing. - www.lifeinrandombits.com

This past weekend, I got an early birthday surprise. I knew Doug was planning something, but he hadn't given me a lot of info and I had no idea what to think. I had a bunch of guesses, but never did I guess that he'd get my best friend from Boston down here.

Colleen lived across the hall from me freshman year of college. She had a class with Doug that first semester, too, and we were all, with our friend Danielle, pretty much together all the time freshman year.

She transferred after that first year, though, and while I saw her when I was in NH to see Doug and while we were living in NH, I never saw her for very long. So, this long weekend was so much fun!

We ate way too much, played a bunch of games, went to a concert, hit Barton Springs and generally had a fantastic weekend. Happy early birthday to me indeed!

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