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I started running last week. I'm doing the Couch to 5K app and so far I'm loving it.

I went out to the trail around our neighborhood Monday night. I didn't quite know what to expect of myself. I've never really run before. Doug and I tried about 6 years ago. We were mostly doing sprints and intervals and stopped when it got to be 100 degrees every day in July. He's kept running, on and off, for years. Not me.

So, I got out on the trail, I warmed up and I started jogging for the first interval. And I thought, "Hey, this isn't that bad. I'm not speedy, but I'm not dying either." And really, it just got better from there. I was definitely shuffling along slowly for the last interval but I was doing it. And I didn't make any excuses and I didn't think to myself that I couldn't do it.

I wanted to do it, so I did.

I went out two nights later to do the second night. I was sore and I knew that was going to be the hardest day. I didn't even try to talk myself out of it as I've done with workouts in the past. I didn't even want to. I wanted to go out and do it.

Doug and Phee came down to the trail and played frisbee and baseball and catch while I was running. Do you have any idea what a boost a cheering section is? After I did a couple run/walk sets, they gave me high fives as I passed them. I could hear Phee yell to me a couple times. She was adorable to watch while I was running, and she was the best little cheerleader.

I'm proud of myself. I wanted to prove to myself that I could run and I'm going to do it. My end goal is the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. I've got a fun run on the horizon at the end of August with some friends. I'm totally going to do this.

I blame it all on newfound confidence. I'm not sure when it happened or quite where it came from. I know I have a wonderfully supportive family. I have surrounded myself with friends who are comfortable in their skin and with themselves. And me, I'm comfortable in my skin, too. I wasn't always, but I am now.

This is one goal I set for myself at the beginning of the year that is actually going to be accomplished. I know that I can do this. I'm excited to prove it to myself.

Great things, people, great things. I'm making them happen.

What about you? What goals are you working on and what have you already accomplished this year?

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