DIY Snoopy costume

DIY Snoopy costume ~ Life in Random Bits #costume #halloween #diy

I love to make Phee's Halloween costumes. She's had some good ones, but this Snoopy was her favorite I think. If it had fit her, she would have happily worn it again the next year. She even asked about it this year!

I never did write it up the year she wore it, so I thought I'd share it now. It really is easy and it's something that you can take apart and use after Halloween, too. I love the costumes she picks that use regular clothes.

For Snoopy, we used a white zippered beach coverup. Until the week of Halloween, I really have no idea what the Texas weather is going to be like. I decided to go with short sleeves and then we added a white tshirt underneath when it turned out to be a cool night. If you're in cold weather, you could use a white sweatshirt as your base.

To make your DIY Snoopy you need:
  • white pants or leggings
  • white hooded beach coverup or hooded sweatshirt (depends on your weather!)
  • white longsleeve shirt (depending on your weather)
  • black and white felt
  • black and white thread
  • black face paint
Cut out a couple large black spots and two large black ears. Using big stitches, lightly sew the spots onto the coverup/sweatshirt and the ears onto the hood. If you use the big stitches, it's easy to pull them out after the fact and use the base piece later.

Cut out and sew together a small white tail. I stuffed it with a little bit of extra white felt before sewing it to the back of the coverup. Don't skip the tail- it's really cute!

DIY Snoopy costume ~ Life in Random Bits #costume #halloween #diy

Add white leggings/pants and white tennis shoes. Use black face paint to color your little one's nose black.

We had to use a couple white barrettes to keep the hood up on Phee's head. I made the ears a little bit too big for the hood, but it was awfully cute.

DIY Snoopy costume ~ Life in Random Bits #costume #halloween #diy

There you have it. It's really easy to put together, even last minute, and it's cute.

What great DIY costumes have you made?

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Looking for more costume ideas? I've got you covered!

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