Last minute Halloween costumes

It never fails. Someone has a last minute Halloween party and you didn’t plan on dressing up this year. Or, your child changes gears days before Halloween. Here are a few last minute ideas to help you out!

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Get a set of cheap wings from the dollar store, or borrowed from a friend, or made out of paper/fabric covered clothes hangers. Wear shirt, tights, or pants of the same color. Wear a tutu, if you have one, or you can tie strips of fabric and ribbon around a belt to cover the belt and create a tutu effect. And then add lots of glitter, of course!

Plant or Tree
Wear a green shirt and pants, or brown pants and a green shirt for a tree. Get a green hat. Cut out leaves from construction paper, extra fabric, or even use real leaves and attach them to the hat, shoulders, arms… wherever you want leaves! You can customize this costume as a fruit tree with an apple or other fruit cut out and stuck to the shirt. Or even flowers!

Wear all tan or khaki. Carry a sand pail. Wear a blue hat and affix a printed out seagull. Print out and affix shells, seaweed, crabs, etc. to your clothes. (This is an excellent use of full page labels! Print out, cut out, and use them as stickers.)

Wear all black clothes. You’ll need two large pieces of cardboard cut to the same size rectangle. Paint, draw, or otherwise illustrate the cardboard as the front and back covers of a book. Cut holes in the “spine” ends of the covers and tie them together with ribbon or fabric. Affix black ribbon or fabric to the top of the book covers so that the book can be worn over the shoulders.

So, have you ever found yourself scrambling to put a costume together at the last minute? What did you end up doing?

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