Menu Plan Monday {10.1.12}

Slightly late on the menu this week.  Yesterday morning, my car died after I dropped Phee off at school.  Luckily, she was already in and set for the day.  I was so irritated; I just needed that car to turn over one more time so I could drive it to the shop across the street from work and get a new battery.  I got a new battery anyway and it didn't cost me anything in labor.  Well, it cost Doug some time and it's going to cost me some time when I make him an apple pie as a big thank you, but that's something I can live with.

Anyway, on to the menu!  I'm trying a couple new crock pot meals this week.  Last night we ate the first, barbecue chicken, and it was so delicious I didn't even stop to take pictures.  So, that recipe and writeup will have to come another week.

Meals for the week of October 1
Barbecue chicken sandwiches
Apricot chicken
Pasta dish with pesto (as soon as I get around to making it... the garden is overflowing!)
Pizza- margherita and BBQ chicken

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