Paper chains and tiny ghosts

Phee is thoroughly enjoying Halloween this year. We have a couple Halloween-themed books we've been reading, plus the always popular It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Phee is a big fan of Snoopy. In fact, after many, many costume ideas (Pinkalicious, dog, fairy princess, clown, lion, green dog) we've arrived at Snoopy as her costume this year.

Phee and I have completed a few projects to decorate the house this year, too. First, we did paper jack-o-lanterns. Very popular. We made some puppets and a puppet theater and we've been having fun with those (writeup coming as soon as I get some decent photos!). Last weekend, we did one of Phee's favorite projects- paper chains. We did this for Christmas last year to decorate her room and decided to do it again for Halloween.

{this is what I get when I ask for a smile}
I cut orange, black and white paper into strips. Phee gets to color them and hand them to me and I tape them together in loops to create the chain. Sometimes we add holiday-themed stickers, too, but we didn't have any this time. When we're finished, she picks the place to hang the chain.

I drew a page of ghosts for Phee to color, too. My original plan was to hang them off of the paper chain once it was up. Phee preferred to stick them on her wall in a neat little row after I cut them out. Cute either way!
{love that the ghosts look like they have goatees and glasses}

Do your kids get to decorate their rooms, or do the decorations stick to the main rooms of the house? What's your favorite Halloween decoration?

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