Football player Halloween costume

Last year, Phee was a football player for Halloween. It turned out to be a pretty easy costume. In fact, it took me longer to track down all the pieces than it did to put the whole thing together. If you need a last minute costume, you can totally pull this off.

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{happiest little football player ever}

Pick your team. For us, it was the Rams. (Well for Doug and his dad.) Gramp was in town over Halloween last year so we picked an old school player and design for the jersey. Phee had a gold Merlin Olsen jersey and it was awesome.

What you need
  • sweatpants or knit pants
  • sweatshirt or t-shirt
  • sports socks (found these in the boys' section)
  • tennis shoes
  • face paint or sports eye black
  • helmet
  • printable iron on transfers
  • felt
  • duct tape
{the costume ready to go}
What you do
  1. Find a pants/shirt combination that works. For us, it was navy blue knit pants and a gold t-shirt one size bigger than what Phee was in.
  2. Create your design or find a team logo online. We used an old school Rams design from a notebook. I downloaded a block font for the back of the t-shirt. Before you print on the iron on transfers, be sure to reverse your images so that they will be right side up on the shirt.
  3. Follow the directions to print and iron on the designs.
  4. Phee's shirt was too big so I folded the hem under and duct taped it so she could wear the shirt again later.
  5. Turn the shirt inside out. Fold up a piece of felt into a square and duct tape it to the shoulder of the shirt to create shoulder pads.
  6. Get dressed and pull the socks over the pants so that the striped sports socks are showing.
  7. If you're lucky enough to have a helmet, wear it!
{playing games}

Phee loved her costume. Gramp and Dad thought it was pretty awesome. My favorite moment... while jumping in the bouncy house at her school's fall festival, one of the dads did a double take and asked me if she was Merlin Olsen. Why yes, yes she was. 

{she ate like a football player, too}

What's your best Halloween costume DIY?

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