Alphabet Weeks {activity}

A couple months ago I started putting together letter tracing worksheets and coloring sheets for Phee.  We do one letter every weekend and she colors on and traces the pages throughout the week.  We skip a weekend if we have a lot going on or there are people visiting.  It's been a lot of fun, though.  At this point, she recognizes nearly all of the letters, even if we haven't worked on them, because of the work she has done at school.

These are some of the sites where we get printable worksheets and tracing sheets for the letters:
We Love Being Moms
Daily Coloring Pages
Worksheet Fun (migrating to new site, but not everything has been moved so far)
Print Activities

I print 2-3 tracing sheets plus a coloring page for each letter.  I also create some different pages to incorporate the letter of the week into our routine and to make Phee more aware of the words and letters around her.  Depending on the letter and how common it is in our daily life, there are a few different types of sheet I make up:
  • shopping list
  • page that has the names of any of her favorite book or TV characters
  • word tracing sheet (font is Dots All for Now)
  • scavenger hunt around the house

Additionally, we have ABC magnets on the refrigerator.  And in the dining room we have our bubble ABCs which we put together last year and still use.

It's been fun so far.  Phee loves getting her new worksheets and doing her "homework."  She will ask about the letter during the week sometimes.  We try to remember to point out the letter when we see it, or words that start with our letter of the week.  It's become a bit of a game for all of us!

What activities do you use to teach letter recognition?  Which ones are your kids' favorites?

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