Paper Pumpkin Patch

Last year for Halloween we decorated the house with some cute paper jack-o-lanterns that Phee put together.  This year, we decorated early with all the regular decorations and then Phee wanted to add some more.

We made tissue paper ghosts and hung them around the house.  But we needed some pumpkins, too.  And so a pumpkin patch was born in the hallway.

This is a really fun, simple project for kids of all ages.  One night, I did the vine part of the patch while Phee colored the leaves.  The next night we all got crafty after dinner and each made our own jack-o-lantern for the pumpkin patch.

Phee asked her dad to make a mean face.  I did the classic smiling jack-o-lantern.  Phee used a bunch of colors and to make a cute little pumpkin with lots of extra details.  She used light colors, too, which makes her design really hard to see in the picture, but it's definitely cool.

  • green, brown, and orange construction paper
  • crayons or makers
  • scissors
  • painters tape

  1. Draw some leaf shapes on green construction paper for the kiddos to color and decorate.  Feel free to add embellishments here, too!
  2. Cut out some green construction paper vines or grass for the base of the pumpkin patch and tape them up on your wall.
  3. Cut out pumpkin shapes from orange construction paper for the kiddos to decorate.  You can get really creative here... paint, glitter, stickers, crayons.  It just depends on how long you want the project to last and how involved you want to get.
  4. Add brown paper stems to the pumpkins.
  5. Put your pumpkins in your new pumpkin patch!

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